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Is There Thimerosal In the Flu Vaccine?

Yesterday I spoke at a local private school, where I talked about Executive Dysfunction and the change in what is considered "normal" as our society moves along the continuum in response to changes in our environment.

After my presentation, there were a few educators present who had some questions regarding my work as a Defeat Autism Now! provider. One of those questions was regarding the flu vaccine and if there is thimerosal in it. The woman who asked the question reported to me that her daughter had asked her pediatrician about the safety of the flu vaccine because she was considering whether or not to give it to her child. The woman before me (the grandmother of said child) indicated that the pediatrician in question responded to the concerned mother, "Of course the flu vaccine is safe! There hasn't been thimerosal in vaccines for six years!"

This is an outright lie.

Thimerosal was taken out of the CHILDHOOD vaccine schedule in 2004. The huge numbers of vaccines that were already stockpiled in pediatricians' and family practice docs' offices were NOT discarded - this means that unless a parent SPECIFICALLY REQUESTED their child be given INDIVIDUAL DOSE vaccines without preservatives, YOU DON'T KNOW if the vaccines given during and after 2004 were thimerosal-free or not. (You can research the vaccines yourself if you obtain a copy of your child's shot records and look up the particular vaccinations your child received.)

Of HUGE concern at this time is that the CDC and Pharmaceutical companies who develop the vaccines are pushing for ALL children, including infants and those yet unborn, be vaccinated against the flu. (Recommendations include vaccinating pregnant women during the second trimester of gestation.) A news story yesterday announced that flu vaccines have been produced and are being distributed in record numbers this year in the attempt to vaccinate every man, woman, child, and infant in the U.S.

For those nay-sayers who believe this is misinformation reported by some radical wacko with an agenda or crazy conspiracy theory, here is the link to the CDC article declaring that yes, the flu vaccine contains mercury. Please read this very carefully and with the same skepticism I would hope you apply to everything you read online (including this blog):

Note that the CDC uses terminology indicating that even in the vaccines that are labeled "preservative-free" THIMEROSAL IS USED IN THE MANUFACTURING PROCESS. The CDC states that the amount is so small and by the time the process is finished, it is untraceable. This is different from stating that IT IS NOT THERE. This is the same type of semantic trickery that has been played for years. Nothing has changed.

Please take the responsibility upon yourself as a parent to do your own research and find out the truth before you allow anyone to inject ANYTHING into your child. I don't know if the pediatrician mentioned above actually knows he is lying to the concerned parents of his young patients. If he does not realize this, it is his responsibility as a professional to research more closely the products he is declaring as safe. I encourage all parents reading this to ask your pediatrician about thimerosal in flu vaccines before having your child (or yourself) vaccinated. If your physician tells you there is no thimerosal in the vaccine, I suggest you find another physician. If he or she doesn't know about thimerosal, with all the media coverage on this issue, what is the likelihood that he or she researches any of the other drugs before writing out prescriptions?

Who is educating our doctors?
The pharmaceutical reps who peddle the prescriptions. The effectiveness of the sales pitch may be the determining factor as to which drugs a doctor prescribes. That's not about healing. That's about money.

As a Defeat Autism Now! provider, I am not taking the position (at this time) that you should not vaccinate your child at all. I am, however, suggesting that you become more proactive in the well-being of the children you have been blessed with and do not blindly follow advice just because the person dispensing it has the letters M.D. behind his or her name.

Posted below is a suggested schedule, for those who make the decision to vaccinate their children. This schedule includes the vaccinations that are protective against CHILDHOOD illnesses and is less likely to overwhelm their immune systems by greatly decreasing the number of antigens introduced into the body simultaneously. This allows the body to respond more appropriately to the invading antigen, and should decrease the likelihood of immune system confusion (which is related to auto-immune response).

Hepatitis B if mom is Hep. B Positive, otherwise wait
4 months
Hib, IPV
5 months
6 months
Hib, IPV
7 months
8 months
9 months
15 months
17 months
Hib, IPV
18 months
21 months
24 months
Prevnar 1 dose
30 months
4-5 years
Varicella (if not immune already)
4-5 years
Hepatitis B series
4-5 years
DTaP, IPV boosters
4-5 years
test titers for MMR and do not give unless not immune.

Please note that the above recommendations include not vaccinating a newborn against Hepatitis B unless the mother is positive. Hepatitis B is a sexually-transmitted disease. It is NOT typically a disease of childhood and should therefore NOT be given to all children as part of the CHILDHOOD vaccine schedule. Please also note that it is recommended that you NOT give a second round of vaccines for Measles, Mumps, and Rubella unless the child is not already immune. The reason the "Booster" vaccine was recommended in the first place is because 10% of children failed to establish immunity after the first vaccine. (I would argue this is a failure in the vaccine, rather than in the children themselves.) Rather than recommend testing for immunity to determine WHICH 10% of children actually NEEDED another dose of Measles, Mumps, and Rubella into their systems, the CDC recommended re-vaccinating ALL children, to be sure we catch the 10% still at risk. Ask yourself who benefits from that decision: Answer: The pharmaceutical industry and the companies who develop the vaccine.

Okay. Rant over for today.
Educate yourselves. We are humans - not sheep.



  1. btw here is our recovering boy ;-)

  2. I am glad you are so well informed... I am also a Biomed mom and a Rescue Angel ...I read all the stupid remarks on the Buttars Blog... What is up with that?!!! Keep up the good work!!!

    Love, Gabby. :0)

  3. Wow. That was an interesting read and one that I'm thankful for. I do not yret have kids of my own but I feel for the mothers who were mis-informed.

  4. Hi, I'm from the UK and am having a debate at the moment about whether to vaccinate my son for Flu who is asthmatic. I had no idea that they put thimerosal in the flu vaccine but not sure in the UK if you can get thimerosal free flu vaccines? Would anyone be able to let me know... I have asked my GP to come back to me but from this it aappears that if they say no then they are lying or do not know themselves. Basically can you get a flu vaccine that is preservative / thimerosal free in the UK? I want to protect him as much as possible but at the same time really do not want to be giving him this poison.

  5. I understand your concern and sympathize with your dilemma. We, as parents are made to feel guilty if we do not vaccinate our children against every possible illness they may contract.

    I recommend you read my more recent post from October 1, 2008: The Flu Vaccine - Is It Worth It?, before making your decision one way or the other.

    Additionally, you may want to consider working to boost your son's immune system with a good multi-vitamin, antioxidants (A,C,E), and minerals to help ensure he does not fall prey to winter colds and flu. Remember that 95% of deaths from influenza occur in individuals over the age of 65. This corresponds to the decrease in antioxidants and weakened immunity. If you work to help him be more healthy, with dietary changes and nutritional balancing, you will be increasing the probabilities that if exposed to the flu, he will have a better chance of fighting it off naturally, which is what the body was designed to do.

    As far as obtaining thimerosal-free vaccines in the UK, I did a little research and was not able to quickly determine if they are available or not. My hunch is, probably not. The best way to determine what your child will be getting, should you opt to have him vaccinated, is to ask your pediatrician for the information on the vaccine and then research the maker and ingredients. Just remember that the wording can be tricky and just because it says "preservative-free" does not mean thimerosal was not used in the manufacturing process, just that it was not used as a "preservative."

    Good luck in your quest and congratulations on being a proactive parent.


  6. hi
    they are available in the UK but are not common.
    my elderly relatives usually get persuaded to have it and then are ill with flu for 2 weeks ! then later when flu season is in full swing they get flu again.
    It seems quite rare that the formula they choose for any particular year protects you from the virus in the wild.
    Also your Dr almost certainly will get a incentive to reach a target from the Department of health in the form of extra money for his practice.

  7. Good article apart from the sentence:

    "This schedule includes the vaccinations that are protective against CHILDHOOD illnesses"

    There is NO scientific evidence whatsoever that ANY vaccines protect against ANY of the diseases they are used against.

    After about 20 years of involvement in the vaccination issue, I have come to the firm conclusion that vaccination is an organised criminal enterprise paraded as disease prevention.

    The above schedule may be an improvement on the "normal" schedule, but it's IMO still completely insane.

    "The substances in vaccines are so noxious they should not ever be injected into a human being."

    Dr. Viera Scheibner PhD, Australia

    Vaccines are chemical-biological agents; injecting these into people amounts to chemical-biological warfare. The disease prevention bit is just a fabrication used as a marketing ploy.

    "Belief in immunization is a form of deluional insanity."

    Dr Herbert Shelton

    The above quote IMO sums things up very well.

    This following quote fits IMO very well also:

    "Men, it has been well said, think in herds; it will be seen that they go mad in herds, while they only recover their senses slowly, and one by one."

    Charles Mackay

    Let us hope that enough people will soon emerge from this insanity so that most children cn enjoy a vaccine-free childhood and we can take the final steps towards a vaccine-free world.

  8. In response to the comment directly above, from my friend Erwin:
    This note was originally written a while back, when I was really only just beginning to learn about many of the real issues with vaccines.
    As anyone who has really looked at the research will tell you, the more you look the worse it gets.
    At this point in time, I would not recommend even the altered schedule that is listed in this post.
    This is a good lesson about why we all need to keep learning and keep working to educate others.
    Thanks, Erwin, for all you do to help accomplish that task.


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