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It started last night with a comment made by a facebook friend that she is "through with Anderson Cooper." I did not see A.C. 360 last night but that comment got my attention so I read a little more and learned that Dr. Andrew Wakefield and A.C.'s treatment of him was the reason for my fb friends' (actually hundreds of them) upset with Mr. Blue Eyes. This is nothing new. Andrew Wakefield has been skewered in the media for the last few years. I wrote a blogpost after Matt Lauer's first "interview" of Dr. Wakefield. For anyone who chooses to learn more about this ongoing saga you may want to start here:

Dateline NBC: A Dose of Controversy and A Dash of Conflict of Interest

If you really want to learn the truth about Brian Deer and his conflicts of interest, you need to invest the time and watch the video, Selective Hearing.

Brian Deer, Rupert Murdock, and Matt Lauer are not the only media personalities who are capitalizing on Dr. Wakefield. Nancy Snyderman has also been a very loud bullhorn of misinformation, taking every opportunity to proclaim that "Vaccines are safe!" and parents who are wary of them are basically idiots who need to follow doctors' orders and "Just get your damn vaccine!"

Dr. Snyderman has repeatedly proclaimed the safety of vaccines and demands that we, as responsible citizens should "trust your government!" and "Get your damn vaccine!"

When Nancy Snyderman and others like her (pro-vaccine pundits) talk about vaccine safety, they often state that thimerosal (mercury) in vaccines has been proven to be unrelated to autism. As proof, they will frequently state that thimerosal has been removed from childhood vaccines and the autism rate continues to rise so therefore mercury in vaccines couldn't be responsible for autism. It is very important to understand that mercury is still in the childhood vaccine schedule and infants are now being exposed to it even earlier when their mothers receive the flu shot while pregnant. Mercury causes cell death in the brain (and elsewhere) and the earlier the fetus is exposed the more damaging the results are. When infants exposed in utero receive additional vaccines containing mercury (as they do if their parents follow the recommended schedule which now includes yearly flu shots) the amount of mercury in the child's body increases over time, particularly in children who have gastrointestinal problems (diarrhea or constipation) and in children who have frequent infections and are given multiple rounds of antibiotics.
Here is a good video that explains what mercury does to the brain.

It is important to understand that mercury is not the only issue with vaccines and the MMR vaccine is not the only vaccine that has been linked to neurological damage. Aluminum also causes neurological damage and has been linked to Alzheimer's disease. Excessive exposure to aluminum causes damage to the kidneys and liver, making it more difficult for the body to detoxify, which increases the likelihood of damage from mercury and other poisons. The problem with Dr. Snyderman and others who are proclaiming that vaccines are safe is they don't know what they are talking about. It must be that. The only other explanation is they simply don't care about the harm vaccines cause to some children. They are more concerned with protecting the financial health of the pharmaceutical industry than the physical health of America's children. Unfortunately, in Dr. Snyderman's case, the latter explanation does seem to fit. As Snyderman explains in this video clip, parents whose children have been harmed by vaccines have little legal recourse because laws have been passed to protect the pharmaceutical industry from liability.

Dr. Snyderman confidently states "2 big studies show no link between autism and vaccines" and again proclaims, "Now we can say, 'Vaccines are Safe,' 'Get vaccinated.' We have to put this behind us." Dr. Snyderman is misrepresenting the facts. I want to know how "Two big studies" that looked at ONE VACCINE (MMR) and ONE VACCINE INGREDIENT (thimerosal) can yield enough scientific evidence to proclaim that vaccines are safe. It is statistically impossible and she either knows that or she's an idiot. More likely, she just doesn't care.

Here is a link to the current (2010) Childhood Vaccine Schedule. A child who is vaccinated according to the recommended schedule receives 36 injections of 50 vaccine antigens by the time he or she is six years old. How is it possible that TWO STUDIES, no matter how large, looking at ONE VACCINE and ONE VACCINE INGREDIENT could be held up as "proof" that "vaccines are safe" and we should "put this behind us?"

The studies have not even begun to address the issues of safety. There has never been a single study that has evaluated the safety of aluminum in vaccines, or the combined effects of vaccinating with multiple viruses and bacteria simultaneously. When a parent takes his or her child in for a "well-baby visit" and that child receives multiple vaccines on the same day, it is a complete experiment that has never been studied for safety.

Finally, Dr. Snyderman's claim that parents concerned about vaccine safety are to blame for the deaths of children in California from whooping cough is outrageous. She has accused parents who refuse vaccination due to their religious beliefs of "lying" and has called them "morally repugnant." Get real. What is "morally repugnant" is Dr. Snyderman using scare tactics to turn neighbors against each other, and pediatricians against parents by blaming the unvaccinated for outbreaks of measles and whooping cough, while concealing the facts that in both instances, the majority of cases have originated in children and adults who were FULLY VACCINATED.

Let me point out that Dr. Snyderman makes no apologies for her pro-vaccine stance. Let me also point out that she is open about her judgement that the health and lives of individual children are "trumped" by "the greater good." Dr. Snyderman admits that she does not care about your child and if your child happens to die or is seriously and irrevocably injured as a result of vaccination, well that's just the price we pay as a "responsible" society. Dr. Snyderman's double-standard regarding over-treating is evident when you review her stance on mammograms. Clearly, she values her breasts more than she values the lives of our children.

As for Anderson Cooper... It's over between us. He is no longer welcome in my bedroom and I will no longer be drifting off to sleep with his voice in my head as he proclaims to be "Keepin' 'em honest." All I can figure is he must be suffering from the effects of all the Corexit and heavy metals he has ingested in his valiant attempts to get us all to visit New Orleans and partake of the seafood. The combination of environmental toxins and that yearly flu shot is taking its toll. The descent from here will not be pretty and it's too much for me to watch. I've already been through it too many times before with others I love.


  1. A very smart woman..
    Trust my goverment???? LMFAO
    thanks 4 al of you

  2. I did see the program with Anderson Cooper and he didn't give Dr. Wakefield a chance. Dr. Wakefield was hooked up via Skype and was at a great disadvantage. His Skype was cutting in and out and Cooper talked over top of him.

    I noticed the body language of Dr. Sanjay Gupta during the time he was on with Cooper and Wakefield. To me he didn't seem very comfortable with the harsh attitude Cooper took towards him. When Dr. Gupta asked him questions, Gupta did listen and he kept emphasizing the fact that the reason for autism is UNKNOWN and you can understand why parents would be concerned.

    However, Gupta was forced to say he vaccinated his kids and being part of the group at CNN he was brought in on the "fraud" conversation that Wakefield was supposed to have committed.

    What got me was at the first of the program Cooper had Roseanne Bar of the dysfunctional family program "Roseanne" along with some other person discussing Dr. Wakefield's situation. How ridiculous! What does Roseanne know about vaccines? She did say she vaccinated her kids. I guess media thinks that if enough Hollywood stars vaccinate their kids without thinking we should do the same. After all, Jenny McCarthy is on the opposite side so they needed to balance out her comments with other stars who did vaccinate.

    Roseanne did qualify her comments with "If".

    Media has sunk to a new low to have discussions with comedians about something as serious as vaccinations and a doctor being crucified because he "dared" to step out and ask questions about the safety of a particular vaccine.

  3. Brilliant as usual. Thanks Marci. The problem as you know is that the provaxers really don't want to understand this. In fact I find that most of them refuse to even pick up a book and read about inflammation, or even look into the paucity of real research on vaccinated vs unvaccinated people. They just want to continue with their silly mantras "can you give us proof?, do you have a link, do you have a reference?" It is time for them to put up their proof on the safety of that insane vaccine schedule. I say put up or shut up.

  4. Ummm.... I think I love you! Well said, thank you! You are going on my Follow list as I have 1 with ADHD, 1 who has PDD-NOS, and I am currently enrolled in a basic homeopathy class.

  5. Maybe he is suffering from government threats. I don't really care what he says but it does upset in the fact that a lot of people do and these idiots are putting the more trusting part of society at risk. I encourage all parents to research the incidence of fatal and life changing cases of Measles early last century, prior to vaccines, prior to antibiotics but in a time where people did travel although not as much but lived in far less sanitary conditions. Based on the deaths (appr. 7500) and the population of just over 106 million you chances of dying of the measles was about 1 in 14,000. Prior to the vaccine in 1958 your chances of dying of the measles had dropped significantly. Approx 460 deaths each year in the 4 years prior to the vaccine with about 176 million as the population. The flu continues to top the charts in risk of death. However, if you get tetanus you have a 20% chance of death is you base it on the 5 people who got it last year (although I am kinda joking about all that but the facts are true there LOL) If I think my child had a 1 in say 15,000 chance of dying of the measles OR a 1 in 80 chance of getting autism I think I would pick taking my chances with the measles - and that is if NO ONE was EVER vaccinated!!!!!

  6. suzanne - they also want the government to provide and take care of everything (not thinking they are basically paying the government to take their money and distribute it as they see fit) . So much for life and liberty!!!!!

  7. Very well thought-out, brilliant post in response to the one-sided media have a new follower with this post :)

  8. Thank-you everyone for the positive feedback.
    Every time this misinformation comes up again in the media it reminds me that we cannot get complacent. We can get angry, we can get frustrated, we can be outraged, and then we must get busy.

    The blitz and continued attacks on Dr. Wakefield only highlight the truth that the pharmaceutical industry is scared because more and more people are refusing to just shut up and take their "damn vaccines."

    They can't discredit the science and they can't continue to hide the truth forever.

  9. Wow great post!!

    It's a shame what our "news" organizations have become. It confounds me that news casters or whatever these blokes call themselves, use "celebrities" opinions as if they are some kind of experts in the field. It's like everytime there is some racial issue, they bring on Al Sharpton or Reggie Jackson, are these two morons the only people who know anything about the black community? Are Celebrities the mouth pieces for the rest of America? WTH? The MAJORITY of celbs are alcoholics/drug abusers/morons/have no common sense or even do any research or educate themselves on anything. They just do what their their palm readers and psychics tell them to do. Ugh Freaking ridiculous!


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