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News flash! If you haven't heard by now... California is having it's largest outbreak of whooping cough in years. It's a serious situation and very tragically, 8 babies have died. This post is not making light of the problem, but encouraging you to learn the truth about what's going on.

After examining the data from the San Diego health department, authors of the news article below report, "Of the 332 confirmed cases of whooping cough in the county so far this year, 197 of the people who got sick were up-to-date on their immunizations. That's nearly 2 out of 3 cases."

The pertussis bacterium appears to be mutating. It appears this is happening in response to vaccination. When you consider the long list of side-effects associated with vaccinations (that don't work); things like seizures, encephalitis (brain inflammation), ADHD, autism, learning disabilities, and death, holding your infant down while he or she is injected with vaccines that don't even work makes NO SENSE.

Educate before you vaccinate.

If you want to know more about this issue, here are a couple of other posts that I recommend reading and sharing:

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If you choose to have your child vaccinated, AND you have done your own research about vaccinations, then you are making an informed decision. While it is not the one I would make or advocate for, it is your right as a parent. It is also my right, and I believe fully, my responsibility, to do what is best for my child and to do what I can to inform parents who do not have the research experience or resources at their disposal to find the information they need.

Keep learning.
Educate before you vaccinate.

Note: In my original post I erroneously referred to pertussis as being caused by a virus, instead of by a bacteria.
Thank-you to the individual who commented to let me know of my error.



    Its good to see folks like yourself taking an understanding approach on the matter. What strikes me as odd is that the pro-vaccinators often seem to feel threatened by anybody attempting to educate themselves in the slightest. This to me is indicative of of them having something to hide.

    But just like the hero TOTO the curtains shall be pulled back..

  2. If you are so thankful for me pointing out your obvious lack of knowledge on the basic principles of infectious diseases (ironically, while preaching to others about vaccines), why hide my comments from your readers? And it wasn’t a typo, twice you referred to pertussis as a virus. I didn't comment to help you, but to point out that people need to educate themselves from a more knowledgeable teacher than yourself.

    I also commented on your failure to provide any information from reputable sources. What you call "data" from your blog or any other means NOTHING without appropriate support from real medical journals / studies. Referencing another blog isn't even close. It just shows those of us that ARE educated that you are simply using scare tactics to convince others of your ideas, with NO DATA to support them.

    It is CRIMINAL that you try to discourage people from live-saving vaccines that have been repeatedly proven safe. This information can easily be found in a multitude of very large statistically significant studies that have been published in reputable peer-reviewed journals. Why is it that you attempt to criticize these studies (poorly I might add), but can only reference other "blogs" to support your bogus theories? Where are your large statistically significant studies in peer-reviewed journals supporting what you preach to others as fact? How is your blog any different than "crying fire in a crowded theater" when ALL THE EVIDENCE shows there is no fire, nor even any smoke?

    If you are so interested in your readers "educating themselves", then stop hiding and/or manipulating the truth. I am all about people educating themselves, I just hope and prey that they know better than to learn from you and/or other "bloggers" that have nothing more to offer than sad stories and scare tactics. You can start by allowing others to read my comments.

    EDUCATE YOURSELF, BUT NOT FROM A BLOG. Especially one writen by someone who has already demonstrated their complete lack of knowledge on the subject matter they preach.

  3. I didn't claim it was a typo. I admitted my error.
    Interesting use of "prey."

  4. While you are accusing me of hiding, why not come out from behind the "anonymous" curtain and tell us who you really are?

  5. Whooping Cough infections are common in an immunized population."
    Journal of the American Medical Association, 1998

    "In 1979 Sweden abandoned the whooping cough vaccine. Out of 5,140 cases in 1978, it was found that 84% had been vaccinated three times."
    British Medical Journal 283:696-697, 1981

    "For an individual child the risk is greater from the whooping cough vaccine than the disease."
    Dr. Joanne Hatem, Medical Director, Vaccine National Information Center, Virginia

    "In the USA in 1978, they mandated vaccination it resulted in a three fold increase in the reported incidence of whooping cough."
    Viera Scheibner PhD showing graphs from Tokai Journal of Experimental Biology and Medicine, 1988

    In The New England Journal of Medicine July 1994 issue a study found that over 80% of children under five years of age who had contracted whooping cough had been fully vaccinated.

    "Dutch scientists are struggling to identify the exact cause of an epidemic of whooping cough that has swept throughout the country despite vaccination rates as high as 96% ("despite" or because of?) Similar problems are being reported in Norway and Denmark."
    British Medical Journal, 1998


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