Wednesday, August 3, 2011


For anyone who has been following my battle with the Evansville Courier and Press Newspaper - and especially for those who have not... let me bring you up-to-date.

Last week I had a period of about three days when it seems I was constantly either on the phone with Tom Lovett, Metro Editor of the Courier & Press, or I was writing - either to him or about him. I was angry. I'm still angry, but I want to be fair to Mr. Lovett and to the Courier & Press, so I want to let you know what has happened since I last posted.

I have gotten some pretty critical comments from people (or a person?) who believes I have unfairly singled out Mr. Lovett and his actions. I believe I have defended my actions successfully. You will have to be the judge. I did write a letter to Mr. Lovett, offering to write for the Courier & Press for free, since Mr. Lovett claims the reason he will not publish any stories about vaccine-injured children or parents' right to religious exemption is because he does not have anyone with the expertise, or manpower to put toward the research. This was also used as a criticism by "Anonymous" who sides with the Courier & Press, letting me know that what I am asking (fair and unbiased reporting) is too much because they are so strapped at Evansville's major newspaper. For Anonymous, I am publishing the text of my letter to Mr. Lovett. Again, this is not to single out Mr. Lovett or the Courier and Press. I really had decided not to put this on the blog because I had come to the conclusion that it really wasn't necessary and I REALLY DON'T want to make this a personal witch-hunt. (That's the tactic of the other side and I have a huge aversion to being lumped with the likes of Brian Deer, James Murdoch and Matt Lauer.) However, what I have learned since last week is that this is not a personal thing between Tom Lovett and myself. Since the whole debacle only a few days ago, I have actually been allowed to comment on other online articles on the Courier & Press website, and those comments have been allowed to remain. (I'm still banned from the Courier & Press facebook page, as are many of my facebook friends who attempted to post their children's stories there.) So, it's not just me that's the issue - it's just vaccine safety and the stories of children who have been harmed or killed by vaccines. That's the issue. That's what the Courier & Press doesn't want concerned parents in Evansville and surrounding areas to know. Unfortunately, that's also what newspapers and television news stations don't want parents across this country to know.

Guess what? I am the parent of a vaccine-injured child and I am not going away.

No Vaccines, No School... NOT TRUE!!!

If the local media won't tell the truth about a parents right to choose what is best for his or her own child, we will have to take matters into our own hands. Be watching for the billboards. They're coming. Parents of vaccine-injured children from all across America and even as far away as Australia are banding together to help get the message out. If you would like to know how to help with this effort, please email me ( or friend me on facebook (Marcella Piper-Terry).

Many blessings, 4allofyou.

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